Woman Crashes Into Car Stopped for Funeral Procession

A woman from Molino is recovering from injuries sustained in a serious crash that occurred on February 6. The woman rear-ended a car that was stopped for a funeral procession. Pictures released of the accident show one car with severe back-end damage and another vehicle flipped over onto its roof.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the 66-year-old woman did not see the vehicle stopped on the highway. The woman failed to stop and slammed into the rear end of the vehicle. The impact of the collision crumpled the back end of the smaller car and caused the woman’s SUV to flip over.

The female driver of the SUV was transported to a local hospital and reported to have serious injuries. Police cited the woman for careless driving. The person in the vehicle that was struck sustained minor injuries and was treated at Sacred Heart Hospital. She was cited for impeding traffic.

The Florida Highway Patrol was still investigating the accident at the time of its reporting.

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