Tow Truck at night

Tow Truck Driver Killed Responding to Semi Truck Wreck

May 15, 2017

On an early mid-May morning, a semi truck was driving on the Congress Avenue overpass at the Interstate 92 exchange in Boca Raton. The truck was getting off I-95 southbound when it crossed a median. This caused the truck to hit a wall on the overpass, and the truck was left dangling. The truck driver was not hurt, and a tow truck was called to help clear the scene.

The tow truck came from Emerald Towing. While working on getting the wreckage cleared, the tow truck driver fell from the overpass. He died from his injuries. Florida Highway Patrol was also on the scene, and they did not comment on whether or not the tow truck driver was following safety protocols at the time he fell.

The Florida Highway Patrol say speed may have been a factor in the original semi truck crash. The driver, employed by Jjr Transport and Logistics out of Lehigh Acres, was uninjured. It is unclear whether or not he will face charges.

This section of highway is becoming somewhat problematic for semi truck drivers. A different truck accident happened just a couple weeks before this one occurred. And in August of 2016, a semi truck crashed and was left dangling, similar to what happened recently.

Whether they are single-vehicle or involve other drivers, semi truck accidents are often some of the deadliest on the road. When a passenger vehicle collides with a semi truck, it is often a battle of 80,000 pounds versus 3,000 pounds — and the smaller car rarely wins. Drivers are encouraged to drive cautiously and give trucks plenty of room on the highway.

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