Top Myths About Motorcycle Accidents

Top Myths About Motorcycle Accidents

Sep 12, 2018


  • 606 motorcyclists were killed in Florida in 2015.
  • That number was up 30% from the year before.
  • The number of newly registered motorcycles in that time period as only 3% higher than the prior year.

Florida is home to hundreds of miles of gorgeous coastline that virtually beg motorcycle riders to take a cruise. Some riders will choose to take a leisurely ride, while others will take advantage of the state’s gorgeous weather to commute to work in a cheaper, more environmentally friendly way.

It seems as though no matter how many riders are on the road, drivers of typical vehicles are always taken by surprise. Despite the number of motorcyclists in the state, drivers still fail to look out for them like they should.

As Pensacola motorcycle accident attorneys, we thought it was time to take at some of the top myths that surround motorcycle collisions.

Leather Just Looks Cool

1. Leather Just Looks Cool

Motorcycle riders aren’t strapping on the leather to look tough or cool. They wear it because it protects them from the worst the road can throw at them.

If a rider has to lay down their bike or is thrown from it in an accident, the leather will protect them from scrapes and cuts. The material is also a good insulator, protecting riders against extremes in temperature.

Bigger Bikes are Safer

2. Bigger Bikes are Safer

This is simply not true. Drivers who see riders on larger bikes tend to think those bikes offer more protection. Riders new to the hobby think that larger bikes are heavier and safer. The heavier part is true; the safer part is not.

A heavier bike can be difficult for a newer rider to control. Always speak to a salesperson when selecting your first bike and be honest about your level of experience.

Louder Is a Must

3. Louder Is a Must

There is a prevailing myth that loud exhaust pipes save lives. It makes sense. The louder your bike is, the more likely a driver is to be able to hear you coming.

The only problem with that theory is that the majority of the noise is being directed behind and away from you. The drivers you are approaching ahead of you can’t hear you any better than they would have otherwise.

Side Roads are Safer

4. Side Roads are Safer

It’s not unusual for riders to stick to side roads instead of getting on the highway, especially when they have little experience. A 2007 study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration showed that 91% of all crashes occurred on roadways that were not the highway.

Think about it: You have wider lanes on a highway and more room to maneuver. So do other vehicles.

Drivers Can See You

5. Drivers Can See You

One of the first things uttered out of mouths of people who have just been in an accident with a motorcyclist is this: I didn’t see them. Never assume that a driver can see you.

You are far safer to assume that you cannot be seen and drive defensively. Keep a decent distance between you and other vehicles and ride close to dividing lines on the highway.

Helmets Inhibit View

6. Helmets Inhibit View

Riders sometimes forego the full face helmet in favor of an open faced one. It is believed by some that a full face helmet inhibits view and is actually more dangerous than other options.

This is not the case. A full face helmet must provide at least 210 degrees of view, meaning that you will still be able to use your peripheral vision as you ride.

When In Doubt, Lay It Down

7. When In Doubt, Lay It Down

Laying it down is a way to avoid a collision. In fact, many riders will advise others that they are better off laying down their bike than hitting a car.

The truth is that you rarely have enough time before an accident occurs to make the decision to brake and put your bike on the pavement. If you do have enough time, laying it down is a defensive move that must be done precisely to be safe.

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