flashing lights of the police car into the checkpoint in the city

Suspects Arrested in Tallahassee Car Crash

Dec 15, 2017

Two suspects were arrested by the Tallahassee Police Department at 4:40 pm on December 5th for a stolen vehicle. A red Ford F150 was reported stolen to the department, and officers spotted a vehicle matching this description near 2502 Holton Street on Tuesday.

They first tried a traffic stop to examine the vehicle, but the suspects would not pull over for the police. Instead they hit the police car and attempted a getaway towards Capital Circle by the airport. A police helicopter tracked the truck to Orange Avenue, where the officers planted stop spikes in order to catch the fleeing vehicle. The suspects continued to resist capture by plummeting into the intersection of Orange Avenue and Springhill Road, crashing into the car of an innocent motorist.

After the collision, the suspects continued to flee on foot, but the officers were able to detain them. Both suspects have minor injuries and are being treated by a local hospital. Luckily, the driver of the police car and the vehicle involved in the collision did not suffer any injuries.

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