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Stay Safe While Trick-or-Treating This Year

Oct 02, 2018


  • 41 million kids will go door-to-door looking for treats this year.
  • Children are 2x more likely to be involved in fatal traffic collisions on Halloween.
  • There are approximately 3,800 injuries each Halloween.


As Pensacola personal injury attorneys with families of our own, we know that people expect to be frightened on Halloween. It’s hard not to be a bit apprehensive on a holiday that virtually screams for haunts and scares. We are all too aware that the worst surprises aren’t brought by zombies and ghouls, but by unexpected accidents that ultimately lead to children being injured.

Halloween is a fun holiday, but it can also be a dangerous one if you aren’t careful. Too many parents help their kids put their costumes on and then watch them walk out the door alone or with a group of friends to go trick-or-treating. Make a difference this year and be one of those parents who escorts their kid.

Supervision goes a long way in protecting little ones from life-altering accidents. Here are some more tips that will help keep your children safe this spooktacular holiday.

4 ways to keep your kids safe on halloween infographic

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1. Choose Safe Costumes

People of a certain age remember buying prepackaged costumes that were as comfortable and cool as decorated garbage bags. Today’s costumes are much more elaborate, and kids try to outdo themselves (and each other) every year.

When you’re helping your child pick out a costume, take the time to have them try it on. Costumes should fit well without being either too large or too long. Masks should not hinder vision and, in fact, face paint is always a better choice. Attach reflective stickers to the front and back of your kid’s costume, and have them carry a flashlight or glow stick for extra visibility.

2. Safe Walking Behaviors

Chances are, you’re going to be doing a lot of walking on Halloween. Remind your child about safe walking behaviors as they move through the neighborhood. Always stick to sidewalks when they’re available, look both ways several times before crossing the street, and make eye contact with drivers before you walk in front of their vehicle.

Teach your children to keep their eyes open and off the ground when they are walking. No one should be looking down at a cell phone or be so busy talking to a friend that they lose track of what’s going on around them. Distracted walking is dangerous.

3. Drive Attentively

You may be heading out to a more adult celebration. If you are, keep in mind that you’re going to have to drive with more care than usual. Eliminate distractions and drive with your full attention on the road.

Drive slower than the speed limit through a residential road if trick-or-treaters are out and about. Don’t ever expect a child to behave predictably. You are far safer to assume that a child is going to dart out into the street at any minute.

And, of course, if you’re going to drink at your Halloween party, always make transportation plans, whether that means calling an Uber, having a designated driver or staying the night.

4. Adult Supervision

Adult supervision has been shown to be safer for children any time of year, but especially on Halloween. You may feel like pulling up a seat on the couch and catching up on your favorite show while the kids are out, but resist the urge. Go out with your kids instead.

If you really can’t go, find a family member or friend who is willing to supervise your little one during trick-or-treating. No children under the age of 12 should be out on their own.

Our Pensacola Personal Injury Lawyers Are Here for You

No family wants to be the one people are talking about on Halloween or the day after. You know the one: that family who experienced tragedy when their child was injured while trick-or-treating. If you follow the tips above, you greatly reduce your chance of becoming the parents of the kid who was severely injured.

If your child doesn’t stay out of harm’s way on Halloween and the accident was due to the negligence of another, you need a Pensacola personal injury attorney. We have your best interests in mind and are happy to speak with you at no cost.

Reach out today and discover more about the legal representation you deserve.