Unrecognizable man on motorcycle in the street

Riding in Pensacola Proves Dangerous for Motorcyclists

Oct 13, 2017

In late September, a motorcyclist was killed by an SUV on Belleview Avenue. The motorcyclist was not doing anything wrong. The driver of the SUV backed out of their driveway, unaware of the man on the motorcycle, striking and killing him. The man on the bike was not wearing a helmet and alcohol does not appear to be a factor, but charges are pending as a result of the death.

It was an accident that could have been prevented, and some are saying that drivers are simply not paying enough attention as they exit their driveways. Some bike riders talked to reporters, detailing events much like the one in which this man lost his life. Near misses abound, and motorcyclists want drivers to be aware. Motorcycle riders talk about having to lay their bikes down in order to avoid being run over by a backwards-moving vehicle.

The death of a former employee of a Harley Davidson shop prompted the formation of Ride Smart Northwest Florida. Its founder, Jacqueline Henderson, says that cars backing out of driveways and not seeing motorcyclists is not a new problem. She said it’s important to be aware when driving a motorcycle, even if vehicle drivers are not.

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