Burn Injury Recovery

Victims who sustain major burn injuries require prompt medical attention. The treatment and recovery process for burn injuries depends on the type, depth, location and severity of the burn. Burn injury treatment generally focuses on emergency and preventative care, reconstruction, rehabilitation and reintegration.

Initial Burn Injury Treatment

Individuals with deep second and third degree burns generally require fluid resuscitation and surgical inte/practice-areas/practice-areasrvention. Preventing infection and kidney failure is perhaps the most critical aspect of the initial burn injury treatment. In fact, systemic infection is one of the most serious complications of burn injury, killing thousands of burn patients every year.

Surgical Burn Injury Treatment

Following the initial treatment, burn injury victims generally undergo several surgical procedures, including:

  • Excision: removal of damaged tissue and debris
  • Escharotomy: removal of thick, scabbed tissue
  • Skin grafts: replacement of burned skin with healthy tissue
    • Autografts: patient’s own skin taken from a healthy area of the body
    • Donated skin grafts: another individual’s skin
    • Artificial skin grafts: skin graft based on animal products
  • Dermabrasion: gently scrapping off the damaged tissue

In addition to surgical treatments, most burn injury victims undergo reconstructive procedures to improve the appearance of damaged skin. Patients suffering from extensive skin damage and scarring may choose to receive several cosmetic surgery procedures in order to minimize scaring and the devastating effects it can have on their physical and emotional wellness.

Burn Injury Rehabilitation

Burn injury can be a frightening and painful experience. Patients are often unsure how to cope with this condition and require extensive rehabilitation. Respiratory and physical therapy are extremely important to improve breathing and restore function. In many cases, skin reconstruction and scar management are also part of rehabilitation.

The burn injury recovery process varies from patient to patient and depends on many factors. Some burn injury victims may recover in a few weeks, while others may suffer life-long consequences that require ongoing medical care, pain management and therapy.

Burn Injury: Legal Recourse

Many major burn injuries are caused by the negligence of another person. Reckless drivers, careless landlords, employers and manufacturers are often responsible for burn injury pain and suffering. The law allows many Pensacola burn injury victims to collect damages for their medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation and suffering from the responsible parties. Emmanuel, Sheppard & Condon is a recognized law firm whose burn injury lawyers have years of experience representing injury victims.

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