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Police Searching for Colorado Man’s Family

The Florida Highway Patrol is searching for the family of a Colorado man who was involved in an accident. The man was left in critical condition after the accident and is in the hospital.

According to reports, the man from Colorado was hit by a car on U.S. 29 at West Airport Boulevard. The man was left with a critical head injury due to the accident that occurred at midnight on Christmas. The man’s name was released in hopes of locating the family. His name is Walter Sinclair Anderson and he is from Denver.

Police say that despite the search for family, no next of kin has been located as of yet. They know that the man is from Colorado, but there is no known residence for him there or in Pensacola. Police say that when the man was struck, he was standing along the highway with dark clothing and holding onto a bike with no lights.

The car that struck the man attempted to swerve when the man was spotted but was unable to avoid him. The driver of the vehicle was not injured nor were his two passengers. The man who was hit is facing charges for improper standing in a roadway.

Anyone with any information with regards to Mr. Anderson’s family is being asked to call police at 850-484-5000.

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