Car on Extreme Icy Road

Pensacola Drivers Struggle with Icy Roads

Jan 19, 2018

In some cities, a tenth of an inch of snow might seem like no big deal, but in Pensacola, it created a hazardous driving environment. In a place where cold weather is abnormal and snow and ice is almost impossible, the residents were unprepared for the below freezing temperatures that left behind icy roads and city closures. Many people in the area did not even know how to use an ice scraper.

One accident left a Milton man dead after he lost control on a patch of ice on State Route 87. His car slid into a median construction zone, and crashed into construction machinery, causing the highway to close.

Many other minor crashers were reported due to the icy roads, according to the FHP spokesman. Several troopers worked alongside the Florida Department of Transportation in an effort to clear the roads as much as possible to combat the expected black ice sheets.

Many offices were closed due to the severe weather, along with Escambia and Santa Rosa school districts. Residents have been warmed to limit their exposure to the cold weather, especially children who must wait at bus stops. Schools have cancelled all outdoor sports and activities until the weather warms up.

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