roof-mounted lightbar of an emergency vehicle police car

Officer Cited in Crash

Mar 19, 2018

People being cited by police officers is something we hear of every day. We either know someone who has received a traffic ticket or read of someone who caused an accident and was charged. It’s not often that we hear of the roles being reversed and a police officer being cited for a crash. That’s what happened in Pensacola recently.

According to reports, a deputy with the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office was given a citation for failing to come to a stop at a red light. The officer was driving in an unmarked patrol car on Pace Blvd. The deputy was responding to a call but did not have his emergency lights or siren activated. At the same time the deputy was driving, a young woman was traveling east on Fairfield Drive.

Both of the vehicles entered the intersection at the same time, and the patrol car struck the other vehicle. Witnesses to the accident said that the officer did not activate lights and sirens until after the collision occurred. The officer was cited for not stopping at a red light. The report indicated that no injuries were sustained by either party in the accident.

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