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Motorcycle Versus SUV Leaves Two Injured

Apr 06, 2018

A motorcycle versus SUV accident in Escambia left two people injured and others emotionally shaken. Pictures of the scene show an SUV with damage to the rear passenger side, and a motorcycle laying on its side.

There are few details of the accident available at this time. So far, we know that the crash occurred at an intersection that has been a problem for quite some time. Low lighting and construction, that seems to have been going on forever, are thought to have possibly reduced the SUV’s driver’s ability to see the motorcycle coming.

Officials are reminding drivers to be on the lookout for motorcycles, particularly at intersections. Do not assume that if you cannot hear a motorcycle, there is not one present. If your radio is too loud to hear what is happening outside of your vehicle clearly, turn it down. Officials are also reminding people that distracted driving is a very real problem and anyone behind the wheel should be focused on the road. It should be noted that neither of these issues has been raised as a cause of the accident.

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