Beautiful landscape with a motorcycle on the beach

Motorcycle Accidents on the Rise in Florida

Thanks to the ever-tropical climate of Florida, it is a haven for motorcyclists from all over the country. The state’s roads are constantly traveled by bikers. Yet, it comes at a price. Motorcycle accident rates are on the rise in Florida. Once such case happened recently in Daytona Beach, home to multiple biker rallies throughout the year.

On a warm Saturday morning, a 71-year-old man from Massachusetts and his wife were riding his motorcycle eastbound on Interstate 4. He was followed by a 75-year-old man and his wife from Kissimmee. The biker in front stopped for traffic, but the rider behind him did not slow down. He slammed into the motorcycle in front of him, and all four people on the bikes were ejected.

The motorcycle driver on the front bike died from the impact after being transferred to Halifax Medical Center. His passenger suffered minor injuries, as did the driver of the back motorcycle. The passenger on the back motorcycle suffered serious injuries. All four were wearing helmets.

This is just one of the so many accidents throughout the state every year. According to reports by AAA, motorcycle accident fatalities rose by 30 percent between 2014 and 2015. That makes Florida the top state in the nation when it comes to fatalities, at 606.

Why do these fatalities happen? Naturally, Florida’s warm weather attracts more bikers than other states. That is only exacerbated by the unusually warm weather we’ve had recently, which encourages more people to get out on their motorcycles. To top it off, Florida does not have a universal helmet law, laws which have been statistically proven to lower fatality rates.

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