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Most Common Fishing Injuries in Pensacola

May 15, 2018

When you think about fishing, you are most likely thinking about a relaxing day on or near the water. Maybe you even think about a few adult beverages, abundant sunshine and some bonding time with your favorite relative. Fishing rarely conjures up images of danger.

Fishing can actually be a hazardous activity if you aren’t careful. While some injuries incurred during a day of fishing are minor and hardly worth talking about, others are serious and enough to make you cringe. Here are some common fishing injuries in Pensacola you should be aware of before you grab your rod and reel.

1. Hooks to the Skin

Most of us have been in the following situation. You toss your rod over your shoulder, make the motion to cast your line and you get a sudden feeling of pain. You’ve landed a hook in your leg or arm. These are some of the most common fishing injuries without a doubt.

Most of the time, these injuries are minor. You pull the hook out, slap on some ointment and maybe an adhesive bandage. It doesn’t mean that they don’t hurt or have don’t have to be looked after. A hook injury can become infected without proper care.

2. Fish Bites

You don’t have to worry about being bitten since you aren’t fishing for piranha, right? Wrong. A great rule of thumb is to keep your hands away from the business end of a live fish.

Even fish that you’ve had to fight to get out of the water will have a bit of attitude left by the time you get them onto your boat or dry land. Be mindful of where your fingers are when you are taking a fish off your hook.

3. Infected Injuries

As we’ve mentioned, a hook injury can become infected. A fish bite can become infected as well. Don’t ignore minor injuries. Fish teeth and hooks are ripe with bacteria that can be transferred into your skin and through your body.

Make sure that you wash any wounds, apply a good antibacterial ointment and keep an eye on them. Any redness or swelling that doesn’t subside means that you should take a trip to the doctor.

4. Slips and Falls

It can be tough to keep your feet under you when you are standing on a slippery dock. Imagine trying to stand up straight when your boat hits a wave at the wrong angle. Slips and falls are a hazard whether you are on the water or at its edge.

A slip and fall can cause a bit of embarrassment at best. However, you may find yourself lying in pain with a fractured bone or head injury.

5. Pet Injuries

This isn’t a consideration for you, but for your pet. Many people take their dogs fishing with them. Keep an eye out for your pet if you are a person that likes to fish with them. Your dog will be attracted to the lovely smells of bait and dead fish, and could land a hook in the mouth, face or paw.

Your dog could struggle to remove the hook and make things worse. You may want to leave your dog at home if it’s the type to put its nose where it doesn’t belong.

6. Boat Accidents

A boat is technically a vehicle, and it is very capable of being involved in a collision. Boating accidents are more common than you may think. If you are a passenger on a fishing boat that is involved in a crash or another type of accident, you could be facing life-changing injuries.

Keep safety in mind whenever you are on a boat. Wear a life vest, know where fire extinguishers are, ask the operator what you should do if you are involved in an accident and never ride with an operator who is intoxicated.

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Fishing can certainly be a great way to relax and forget the stresses of work and home. It can also be a dangerous pastime. If you are heading to the water with your rod, keep the above accidents in mind. You stand a better chance of coming home without injury if you know what to avoid.

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