Blur people are moving across the pedestrian crosswalk in the city road

Look Out for Pedestrians in Pensacola

A pedestrian was hit by a car in Tallahassee on April 19, serving as a reminder that vehicle drivers must be aware of pedestrians and cyclists in roadways. According to the Tallahassee Police, the man was attempting to cross the street around 2:40 p.m. when he was hit by the car.

The man was crossing Capital Circle NE near Wednesday Street when he was hit by a southbound car. The man was taken to the hospital to be treated for injuries that were called serious but not life-threatening. It was unclear whether the man was in a marked crosswalk. Police did not release details of the accident as it remained under investigation.

Vehicle drivers are urged to stay on the lookout for pedestrians, especially at intersections and near marked walkways. Pedestrians have the right of way provided they are following the rules of the road. If a pedestrian is in a crosswalk, vehicles are to yield and allow them to pass. A driver should not proceed through the marked walk until the pedestrian has completely exited it.

If a driver strikes a pedestrian in a marked walk or at an intersection, they may be charged with a crime depending on the unique set of circumstances. This is in addition to potentially causing serious injury to another person.

If you are involved in a pedestrian versus vehicle accident in Pensacola or the surrounding area, reach out to our team of personal injury attorneys. You may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost wages and more. Call today to schedule an appointment for a free case evaluation and let us assist you.