Why It’s Important to Have a Personal Injury Lawyer

I tell our clients it’s important to consult with a personal injury lawyer after an incident such as a car accident, a premise liability case, or an injury from a defective product because:

  1. It’s free. You can come and sit down with personal injury lawyer and figure out what your rights are or are not.
  2. It is difficult for the average person to go through the process of dealing with insurance companies and adjusters if they don’t have a personal injury attorney fighting for them. Folks have to keep in mind that although some insurance companies and adjusters are there to take care of injured folks, they work for an insurance company. That insurance company’s job is to make money just like any other corporation. So with that in mind, it is often expected for an adjuster to do whatever they can to devalue someone’s claim right off the bat.

Typically, when you hire a personal injury lawyer, we have tips on who you should or should not talk to, things you should or should not say, and documents you should or should not sign. Most folks don’t understand that process and that’s why it’s important to sit down talk with one of us. It’s a free consultation. That doesn’t mean we’re going to take the case right then, but it’s just valuable to get information on what you should or should not do maybe for the first week or two after something happens to you.

Free Personal Injury Consultation

In our firm, to hire a personal injury lawyer, not only is it a free personal injury consultation, but you can come in even before hiring a lawyer here at our firm, at least in the injury context. But if you ultimately make the decision that you want our firm to represent you in the case, hiring a lawyer costs you nothing upfront. We represent clients with what’s called a contingency fee, which means unless we recover for you, we don’t get paid. That includes the time that we put in, but it also includes the cost. We will front the cost to get your medical records, to talk with your doctors, and to deal with the insurance documentation that oftentimes people can’t really understand. We will handle all that, and if we recover against the insurance company, our recovery is contingent upon that. Typically it is a third of the recovery unless we get into a lawsuit situation or a disputed liability. It can go up to 40% under some circumstances but under no circumstances do you have to pay us unless we actually get you a recovery that you authorize us to settle for or a verdict that ultimately comes from a jury.

If you have an injury or have questions, don’t hesitate to call us for a free personal injury consultation.

Shane Rowe
Pensacola Personal Injury Lawyer