How to Reduce Your Florida Insurance Premium with Defensive Driving Courses

How to Reduce Your Florida Insurance Premium with Defensive Driving Courses

Feb 06, 2019

Depending on your situation, your car insurance could be pretty expensive. For instance, young men with expensive cars tend to pay higher premiums, especially if they’ve been in a wreck — even if it wasn’t their fault. In essence, the riskier of a driver you are, the higher your premiums are going to be.

At Emmanuel, Sheppard & Cohen, our Pensacola car accident lawyers have seen how a simple wreck can send insurance rates through the roof. Unfortunately, even if the wreck wasn’t your fault, there’s a great chance that your premiums will increase, especially if you receive a settlement offer from your insurer. After all, your insurer has to pay for that settlement one way or another.

Luckily, there are ways you can reduce your insurance premium. For instance, you can shop around for other providers. You could also bundle your car insurance with homeowners or renters insurance. Another method is asking for higher deductibles or lowering your coverage limits.

However, one of the best and easiest ways to reduce your Florida insurance premium while maintaining your current coverage is to take a defensive driving course. As long as the course is approved, you are legally entitled to an insurance discount once the course is completed. What’s more, these courses generally cost between $10 and $40 — pennies compared to the savings on your premium, up to 10 percent for certain classes.

Here are some of the benefits of taking a defensive driving course in Pensacola, and where you can find one:

Defensive Driving Courses vs. DUI Courses

Defensive Driving Courses vs. DUI Courses

Defensive driving courses are often confused with DUI courses. A defensive driving course is considered a driver improvement course. It’s designed to teach drivers how to employ safer driving behaviors and attitudes. Many people take these kinds of courses to get their license reinstated, to get points off their license or to get a discount on their insurance. Defensive driving courses may also be court-ordered.

DUI courses, on the other hand, are virtually always attended when the court orders it. It’s often an alternative to fines and/or jail time after a DUI or may be required on top of those penalties. Most often, you will need to go to DUI school to get your license back or to get a modified license, after you are charged with driving under the influence. Going to DUI school likely won’t decrease your insurance premiums.

What You Learn in Defensive Driving Courses

What You Learn in Defensive Driving Courses

You can take a defensive driving course either online or in a classroom. No matter how you take the class, you will learn about a variety of topics. In Florida, defensive driving classes are required to cover:

  • Florida traffic laws and rules of the road
  • Safely sharing the road with other drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists
  • Alcohol and drug abuse, safety and violations
  • Defensive driving techniques

Basic defensive driving classes are four hours long, and if you pass the class, you will be able to maintain your discount for three years. However, the discount will be nullified if you are in an accident that was your fault, or if you are convicted a moving traffic violation.

In Pensacola, in-classroom defensive driving courses are offered at:

  • Florida Credited Driving School
  • Gulf Coast Driving Improvement
  • Pensacola State College

You can also take courses online at:

And many more. You can easily find accredited defensive driving courses by searching online.

Options for Older Drivers

Options for Older Drivers

In some cases, senior drivers are charged a higher insurance premium, since their eyesight and other physical limitations pose a greater risk. However, Mature Driver Programs in Florida can help older drivers make sure they’re road-ready — and reduce their premiums.

Much like regular defensive driving courses, Mature Driver Programs are offered in a classroom and online. There are also programs that are conducted behind the wheel so senior drivers can get a hands-on approach to learning.

Mature Driver Programs generally cover:

  • Traffic laws
  • Driving in traffic and sharing the road
  • Safety equipment
  • Driver fitness and aging

And more. These courses can be found throughout the state. They are listed on the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle Department’s website.

Call a Pensacola Car Accident Attorney if You Get in a Wreck

Even if everyone in Florida takes a defensive driving class, there’s always the risk of being in a car wreck. If you’re injured in a crash, contact the Pensacola car accident lawyers at Emmanuel, Sheppard & Cohen today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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