Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

In a recent survey by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs was cited as the greatest highway safety problem. Based on the most recent statistics, there were 17,602 deaths in 2006 due to alcohol-related motor vehicle accidents involving drivers and motorcycle operators, and 35% of Florida’s traffic fatalities in 2005 were related to alcohol.

What can you do if you’re a victim of a drunk driver? Of course, a suit against the driver is a first course of action. We find, however, that many of these drivers are not insured, and therefore cannot provide the compensation necessary to meet your loss. In these cases, it may be possible to pursue recovery against the persons who provided the alcohol to the driver. In the state of Florida, establishments who serve alcoholic beverages may be liable for damages resulting from the consumption of these beverages.

Pensacola Drunk Driving Accident Lawyers

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The video below is a public service announcement regarding the dangers of impaired driving in Florida