hand red with frostbite

Dealing with Suddenly Cold Weather at Work

With many places facing suddenly cold weather, including North Florida, it is important to keep in mind safe practices for the workplace to deal with this temperature shift. Although exact guidelines by OSHA have not been specified to cover cold environments, employers must establish a work environment devoid of winter weather related hazards that could cause harm to employees.

One way to do this is providing proper training for workers regarding cold weather hazards. Cold stress is a main hazard, and employees should know how to monitor themselves and their coworkers for signs of it. Other hazards training should be provided on include slippery roads and surfaces, downed power lines, and windy conditions which can be combated through safe work practices and equipment knowledge. Scheduling should also take into consideration the warmest part of the day, as well as allowing ample breaks for outside workers with heated areas provided.

Another key component is providing warmth through proper clothing. It is recommended that workers facing cold wear at least three layers of loose clothing. These layers should include insulated outerwear, face covering if needed, hats to insulate the ears, and gloves to protect the hands. Workers should also have waterproof outerwear to avoid moisture and dampness that can increase heat loss from the body.

If you have been injured at work in the Pensacola area due to the cold or any other factor, contact our attorneys today for a free consultation. We will review your case and guide you through your next best steps.