Luxury houseboat at pier on Lake Powell with window reflections of boats and red rock cliffs across lake Arizona USA

Couple Saved After Capsizing

Oct 06, 2017

A couple from Pensacola found themselves confronted by Hurricane Irma while traveling back home in their houseboat. The couple capsized due to rough waters and had to be saved by officials.

According to reports, the couple traveled to Saint Marks to harvest scallops. The couple had traveled for five days before deciding to return to Pensacola. They were navigating their 32-foot pontoon on Choctawhatchee Bay close to the Mid-Bay Bridge when their boat turned over. Even though weather conditions were clear at the time, there were 3 to 4-foot waves in the bay and the wind was blowing at nearly 20 mph.

The pontoon was nearing the bridge when the port side was struck by several large waves. Even though the driver of the pontoon slowed down to safer speeds, the waves forced the boat to capsize. The couple jumped from the boat with their life vests on before they were taken under. They were rescued by another person on the water and transported to the U.S. Coast Guard Station.

The pontoon was recovered from the bay and taken to a boat ramp where it was placed on a trailer. Estimated damage to the boat is said to total about $30,000.

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