Car Crash

Child Hurt in Pensacola Car Accident

A toddler was left in critical condition after being involved in a car accident in Pensacola on February 1. The child was in a vehicle that was involved in a three-car crash at the intersection of Johnson Avenue and North Davis Highway.

According to local police, an elderly woman from Pensacola is suspected of having had a medical event that led to her losing consciousness. The woman was unable to control her vehicle and collided with a Hyundai Santa Fe. That vehicle rolled and landed approximately 200 feet from the scene of the collision.

A child inside the Hyundai was ejected from the vehicle and thrown under the elderly woman’s car. That child was transported to a local hospital to be assessed and treated for injuries. After the woman’s car hit the Hyundai, it struck a Nissan Rogue and then came to a rest. The elderly woman suffered minor injuries and charges are pending as a result of the accident.

Aside from the young child and the female driver, no others were injured in the collision. An investigation is being conducted into the events that led to the crash.

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