car accident pile up

Chain-Reaction Crash in Pensacola Results in Injuries

Mar 02, 2018

We are all taught to keep a safe distance when we are in driver’s ed. Most of us pay attention to that advice, at least for a while. As we get more experience under our belts, it seems we start to follow the cars in front of us too closely. Such was the case in Pensacola on I-10 on Thursday, February 22.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, a man in his twenties was driving a Toyota Camry and traveling west. The man was approaching a line of stopped traffic ahead of him and failed to stop in time. That man hit a Jeep SUV and caused the Jeep to overturn. The SUV landed on its roof.

The Jeep was hit so hard from behind that it was forced into the rear of a third vehicle. A Hyundai SUV was struck by the Jeep. The original vehicle then rear-ended another vehicle, resulting in four vehicles ultimately being involved in the accident. The driver of the Camry was transported to the hospital with minor injuries as was the driver of the Jeep.

The driver of the Camry was cited for careless driving. Pictures of the vehicles at the scene of the accident show massive damage, particularly to the Jeep that had a crumpled rear end.

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