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The Top Causes of Car Accidents in Pensacolas

The Top Causes of Car Accidents in Pensacola feature image

  FAST FACTS: There were 395,785 car accidents in Florida in 2016. 3,176 people lost their lives in those accidents. 5,223 of those accidents were alcohol-related.   According to the available statistics, there are an average of  more than 1,000 car accidents on Florida’s roadways each day of the year. While some of these crashes[…]

Tips for Protecting Your Car from the Coastal Elementss

Tips for Protecting Your Car from the Coastal Elements FI

Living near the ocean is a dream for many people. The views and the smell of salty air when you open your windows pulls people toward the coast. If your vehicle could dream, it certainly wouldn’t be sharing your aspirations. Ocean air can wreak havoc on your car’s exterior, subjecting it to an early demise.[…]

How to Protect Your Tires from Florida’s Heats

How to Protect Your Tires from Florida's Heat feature image

  People look forward to summer all year or one reason or another. The heat means that people can get outside and participate in activities and get things done. Most know that they have to take breaks in hot weather so the heat doesn’t make them ill — but what about your vehicle? If you[…]

Why Is Summer Dangerous for Driving in Pensacola?s

Why Is Summer Dangerous for Driving in Pensacola header

Summer is in full swing. It stands to reason that driving in the summer would be safer than driving in the winter, especially now that every state in the nation deals with its own type of harrowing winter weather. Don’t let your guard down just because the roads aren’t slippery. Summer driving in Pensacola is[…]

Driver Safety Tips for the Fourth of Julys

Driver Safety Tips for the Fourth of July feature image

According to the travel group AAA, an average of more than 40 million Americans will take to the road to celebrate the Fourth of July. These people will often travel upwards of 50 miles from their homes to see friends and family. This creates one of the most dangerous highway environments in the country, according[…]

Driving Safely in Florida’s Hurricane Seasons

Driving Safely in Florida's Hurricane Season feature image

  Chances are that you are familiar with hurricane season. As a resident of Florida, knowing that hurricane season runs from June through November is something we take for granted. If you are planning a vacation to our beautiful state, though, you need to understand what a hurricane can mean for drivers. Whether you have[…]

Steps to Take After a Car Accident in Pensacolas

Being involved in a car accident is stressful. Unfortunately, these incidents happen to hundreds of people across the state of Florida everyday. It can be difficult to stay calm following a car accident, especially one that is severe in nature. However, if you can remain calm, you will have a much better chance of taking[…]

Officer Cited in Crashs

roof-mounted lightbar of an emergency vehicle police car

People being cited by police officers is something we hear of every day. We either know someone who has received a traffic ticket or read of someone who caused an accident and was charged. It’s not often that we hear of the roles being reversed and a police officer being cited for a crash. That’s[…]

Woman Crashes Into Car Stopped for Funeral Processions

A woman from Molino is recovering from injuries sustained in a serious crash that occurred on February 6. The woman rear-ended a car that was stopped for a funeral procession. Pictures released of the accident show one car with severe back-end damage and another vehicle flipped over onto its roof. According to the Florida Highway[…]

Pensacola Drivers Struggle with Icy Roadss

Car on Extreme Icy Road

In some cities, a tenth of an inch of snow might seem like no big deal, but in Pensacola, it created a hazardous driving environment. In a place where cold weather is abnormal and snow and ice is almost impossible, the residents were unprepared for the below freezing temperatures that left behind icy roads and[…]