white sedan rear ending silver truck

Careless Driving Leads to Three-Vehicle Collision

Apr 13, 2018

A man in Pensacola was cited by police after his driving behaviors led to a three-car accident on Interstate 10. The accident occurred at about 7:45 a.m. on April 2 on the Florida Highway.

According to reports of the accident, a 29-year-old man was driving a Chevrolet Tahoe in the inside westbound lane. Another driver was heading in the same direction in the same lane. A third vehicle was leading the line of cars and suddenly slowed down. The car in the middle was forced to do the same, causing the man driving the Tahoe to swerve in an attempt to avoid rear ending the vehicle in front of him.

The man’s maneuver caused him to strike a Toyota Sienna that was traveling next to his vehicle. The Sienna was forced off the road and onto the shoulder. The force of the accident caused the Sienna to overturn. Luckily, no drivers in the crash were injured in the incident, and the 29-year-old was the only person who received a citation.

Officials are using this accident to remind people that they should drive in a manner that allows them to react appropriately to any situation. If you are so close to the vehicle in front of you that you can’t slow or come to a stop when they do without crashing into them, you are following them too closely.

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