Emergency Room Entrance

Car Drives Through Pensacola Emergency Room

People visit emergency rooms for medical attention. Patients and their families anticipate being diagnosed and treated by a doctor. Many even anticipate settling in for a long wait. What people don’t expect is to see a vehicle crash through the front doors.

According to reports, a man drove through the front doors of Sacred Heart Hospital’s emergency room on August 17, 2017. Police are not sure why the man drove through the doors, but the accident occurred around 1:00 a.m. What police do know at this point in the investigation is that the driver told a passenger to “hold on” before accelerating through the doors.

Initial information gathered at the scene revealed that the incident began as a domestic violence issue. Both the driver and the passenger were being treated for injuries after the crash, but it is unknown whether either party had sustained injuries in the original incident. No one in the hospital was hurt when the car entered through the front doors.

The crash is still under investigation. Information gained immediately has led police to investigate the original allegation of domestic violence, as well as the crash itself. No charges have been filed as of yet as police try to unravel the details of the case.

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