Car mirror, headlight, helmet and motorcycle lying on the road after a car crash

Alabama Man in Fatal Motorcycle Accident

Feb 23, 2018

A man from Alabama was traveling in Pensacola on his motorcycle last weekend when he was involved in an accident. Unfortunately, that man was injured so severely that he lost his life. The man passed away at Baptist Hospital where he had been transported following the accident. The man’s injuries were not reported.

According to police reports, the man driving the motorcycle was on Warnington Road in the outside lane. He was driving toward Martha Avenue where an SUV was stopped at the intersection facing New Warrington Road in an eastward direction. The driver of the SUV moved into the intersection into the path of the motorcycle. The motorcycle collided with the front right of the SUV.

The driver of the SUV was not injured in the accident. It is expected that charges will be filed against the driver of the SUV once the investigation into the accident concludes. The Florida Highway Patrol did not specify what those charges would be. The charges could be serious due to the nature of the accident and the resulting death.

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