Trees near the road

Motorcycle Accident Discovered Days Later

Apr 27, 2017

Florida Highway Patrol troopers say that a man crashed his motorcycle in Mid-April¬†and wasn’t discovered for days later due to trees blocking the view of the man and his bike. According to reports, the man was northbound on I-110 and possibly negotiated a curve on the exit ramp improperly. Troopers think that the man hit the shoulder of the road and proceeded into the woods, where his motorcycle came to rest.

It was not immediately known whether or not family members had alerted police to the missing man, but the accident shows just how important it is for someone to know where you are going, especially if you will be traveling alone.

Before you head out in your vehicle, on your motorcycle or even on your boat, make sure that someone you know has an idea of where you are going and when you expect to be back. When a person knows when to expect you or when you will be checking in, they can better alert authorities when necessary should you not show up or they do not hear from you. Unfortunately, in this instance, the man was not located for several days.

It is not known whether any other vehicles were involved in this accident. More details were not released by the highway patrol.

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