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Cutoff Dates for Medical Liens in Settled Personal Injury Casess

When a settlement is made in a personal injury case, the recipient of settlement funds must use the funds to payoff any liens that have resulted from outstanding debts in payment of medical treatments they have received. A settlement receiver’s health insurance provider and Medicare may have contributed to his or her medical bills, and[…]

Financial Recovery for Permanent Injurys

You are able to recover money for pain and suffering from an accident related personal injury if your doctor determines you have a permanent injury related to the crash. A permanent injury is not the same as a permanent disability. Permanent injury simply means you will have some component of the injury that continues to[…]

Settle Personal Injury Claim Before MMI?s

It is in your best interest not to settle your personal injury claim with an insurance company until your doctor releases you from active care and you are placed at Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI). You need to know the full extent of your injuries and the possibility of future care before you can determine whether[…]

Your Worker’s Compensation Claim Could Go On Indefinitely….s

Even if you are no longer receiving wages under worker’s compensation, your are entitled to medical benefits as long as your doctor says you still need treatment. However, it is very important that you see your authorized treating physician at least one time every 364 days. If you let one year pass without seeing your[…]