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Premises Liability Personal Injury Cases in Pensacolas

We are often asked about cases involving personal injuries on someone else’s property. These types of personal injury cases are called premises liability cases. There is an expectation that when you enter someone else’s property that it is going to be safe. The whole idea behind premises liability is that it holds the owner accountable[…]

How Does Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer Benefit Me?s

Why Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer Many clients ask whether they need a personal injury lawyer, or whether they can just deal with the insurance company directly. But hiring a personal injury lawyer benefits clients for a number of reasons. First of all, it evens the playing field with a powerful insurance company. Auto insurance[…]

Why You Should Get a Free Personal Injury Legal Consultations

Why Consult a Personal Injury Lawyer? When you have a personal injury – either an accident injury or a personal injury due to someone else’s negligence – you need to get a free consultation from a personal injury lawyer. Personal injury attorneys have the experience to tell you what you need to know and to[…]

Co-Pay after Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) is Reacheds

Once your authorized treating physician places you at Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI), you will have a $10 co-pay each time you treat with the doctor. You are still allowed to see the doctor as long as the doctor says you need treatment, but the co-pay will be collected at each visit.

Take Photographs of Your Car After an Accident!s

It is important to take photographs of the damage to your vehicle following a car crash in Florida.  If you are able to take photographs of the other vehicle(s) involved, do so.  It is also important to make note of any witnesses to the collision in case you need to contact them later.

Time Frame for Reporting Workplace Accidentss

In Florida, if you are planning to file a worker’s comp claim, it is important to know that an employee must report injuries to their employer within 30 days of the incident.  There are a few exceptions, but generally speaking failure to report injuries within 30 days bars any claim.  In other words, you will[…]

Premises liability/slip and fall claims: Things you should look for after you falls

Slip and Fall Injuries: Florida Law Slip and fall accidents happen to many of us, no matter how coordinated we are (or think we are!). Fortunately, we usually don’t hurt anything other than our pride. There are times, however, when a slip and fall causes significant injury and with it, medical expenses, loss of income[…]