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What to do in a Slip and Fall Accidents

Advice from Personal Injury Attorney, Ben Shell I’d like to take a moment to discuss slip-and-fall accidents. Imagine you go to the grocery store. While on the property, you slip on some sort of substance on the ground that you did not see, and injure yourself. Can you hold the property owner liable? Absolutely. In[…]

What is a Compulsory Medical Examination and how will it affect my right to insurance benefits?s

Advice from Attorney, Michael Thomas. As you may already know, Personal Injury Protection insurance coverage, also known as “PIP”, pays for 80% of your medical bills when you are injured in a car crash, up to $10,000. If you are receiving PIP benefits under your insurance policy, your insurer may require you to have a[…]

What should I be doing after I’ve hired an attorney to represent me in a case?s

Advice from Attorney Michael Thomas If you’ve been injured and believe that someone else should be responsible for your injuries, you may be wondering what you should be doing after you’ve hired an attorney to represent you in your claim against the responsible party for your injuries. Unfortunately, resolving your claim might take some time,[…]

Premises Liability Personal Injury Cases in Pensacolas

We are often asked about cases involving personal injuries on someone else’s property. These types of personal injury cases are called premises liability cases. There is an expectation that when you enter someone else’s property that it is going to be safe. The whole idea behind premises liability is that it holds the owner accountable[…]

What Should I Look for in a Personal Injury Attorney?s

What should I look for in a personal injury attorney? When hiring a personal injury attorney, you want to be sure the attorney extensive experience in the area of personal injury. Experience is not just the number of years you’ve been practicing, but also the number of cases experienced in the particular field of personal[…]

How Does Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer Benefit Me?s

Why Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer Many clients ask whether they need a personal injury lawyer, or whether they can just deal with the insurance company directly. But hiring a personal injury lawyer benefits clients for a number of reasons. First of all, it evens the playing field with a powerful insurance company. Auto insurance[…]

Why You Should Get a Free Personal Injury Legal Consultations

Why Consult a Personal Injury Lawyer? When you have a personal injury – either an accident injury or a personal injury due to someone else’s negligence – you need to get a free consultation from a personal injury lawyer. Personal injury attorneys have the experience to tell you what you need to know and to[…]

Why It’s Important to Have a Personal Injury Lawyers

I tell our clients it’s important to consult with a personal injury lawyer after an incident such as a car accident, a premise liability case, or an injury from a defective product because: It’s free. You can come and sit down with personal injury lawyer and figure out what your rights are or are not.[…]

Cutoff Dates for Medical Liens in Settled Personal Injury Casess

When a settlement is made in a personal injury case, the recipient of settlement funds must use the funds to payoff any liens that have resulted from outstanding debts in payment of medical treatments they have received. A settlement receiver’s health insurance provider and Medicare may have contributed to his or her medical bills, and[…]

What is an ‘Emergency Medical Condition’ Under the New Florida PIP Law?s

The new Florida Personal Injury Protection (PIP) law that went into effect in January of 2013 has been criticized for benefiting insurance companies at the expense of injured individuals. According to the new law, the amount of money paid out to an injured individual can be affected by whether or not the injury qualifies as[…]