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PIP Coverage – Even if You Don’t Own a Vehicles

If you are involved in a collision and you do not own a motor vehicle, you can still be covered by PIP (personal injury protection). You may be covered under the policy of a relative you live with, or the policy of the car you were driving or riding in at the time of the[…]

Financial Recovery for Permanent Injurys

You are able to recover money for pain and suffering from an accident related personal injury if your doctor determines you have a permanent injury related to the crash. A permanent injury is not the same as a permanent disability. Permanent injury simply means you will have some component of the injury that continues to[…]

Settle Personal Injury Claim Before MMI?s

It is in your best interest not to settle your personal injury claim with an insurance company until your doctor releases you from active care and you are placed at Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI). You need to know the full extent of your injuries and the possibility of future care before you can determine whether[…]

Independent Medical Examination Requirements

You may be required to attend an Independent Medical Examination (IME) under the terms of your automobile policy. In an IME, you are sent to a doctor hired by your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) carrier. The IME doctor reviews your medical records, does an examination and determines whether you still need medical treatment related to[…]

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist (UM) Coverages

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist (UM) coverage covers you when you are not at fault for a crash and the other driver does not have any liability coverage or not enough to compensate you for your personal injury and/or losses. Your UM coverage “steps in the shoes” of the other driver’s insurance company and provides additional personal injury[…]

Your PIP (Personal Injury Protection) Coverages

Your PIP – Personal Injury Protection – coverage under your own automobile insurance polity is primary in covering your medical expenses after you have been in a wreck. It does not matter whether you were at fault for the crash or not; your own personal injury insurance covers you.

Choose Your Own Doctor for Accident Injuriess

You can choose your own doctor when you have been involved in a collision and sustained a personal injury. You do not need prior authorization from your automobile insurance company. Your doctor will bill your automobile insurance company directly for services rendered to you.

Tell Your Doctor About Pre-Existing Conditionss

You should tell your doctor about any pre-existing problems you have regarding the area of your body that is injured in a car crash or automotive accident. Your doctor needs a clear picture of your medical health so he can provide effective treatment or your accident related personal injury.