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DUI Crash in Pensacola Leads to Arrest

flashing lights of the police car into the checkpoint in the cityA woman in Pensacola was arrested earlier in the month after police say that she caused an accident on a city street. The woman stands accused of driving under the influence of illegal drugs. She is also accused of fleeing the scene of the accident.

According to reports, the woman was traveling on New Warrington Road near the intersection of Perdido Street. Police say that the woman, driving a passenger vehicle, moved in front of a motorcyclist, cutting him off. The motorcycle hit the woman’s car as a result, throwing the rider from the bike. The motorcycle driver hit the windshield of the woman’s car and then struck the pavement.

Rather than stopping to check on the wellbeing of the motorcyclist, police say that the woman fled the scene. She was located in a nearby parking lot and brought back to the scene. The motorcycle driver had sustained serious injuries and was transported from the scene in order to receive medical care.

After a brief investigation, the woman was charged with driving under the influence, failure to yield the right of way, leaving the scene of a crash with injury, and failure to report a crash involving injury. A court date for the woman was not released.

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