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Two Accidents Within Hours of Each Other Turn Fatal

Yellow police tape with text police line do not crossPolice officers were busy earlier this month when two late-night accidents turned fatal in Pensacola. The first involved a pedestrian on West Cervantes Street. Just before 8 p.m. on Friday, she was walking eastbound on the sidewalk. Then, for an unknown reason, she walked onto the street and into the path of an oncoming car driving in the outside lane. The car was a 2012 Honda Civic, driven by a 58-year-old local woman.

The pedestrian was taken to a local hospital. She later succumbed to her injuries and passed away. So far, no charges have been pressed against the driver.

The second accident happened at about 12:50 a.m. on Saturday across Pensacola and East Bay, in Navarre, Santa Rosa County. A 56-year-old woman was driving on the inside lane of U.S. 98, heading east. Another car, driven by a 29-year-old woman from Gulf Breeze, was traveling westbound on the highway, also on the inside lane.

The older woman’s car clipped the front left corner of the younger woman’s vehicle. Both cars spun counter-clockwise before they both stopped in the inside lane of westbound U.S. 98. The older woman was killed at the scene of the crash.

In 2015, there were nearly 2,600 fatal accidents in the state of Florida. On top of that, there were more than 630 pedestrian fatalities. It is important to always drive safely and pay attention to the road. Pedestrians should always ensure the road is clear before they attempt to cross, even at crosswalks.

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