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Do I have a legitimate personal injury case?

There are so many different types of personal injury cases, but let’s take the example of an auto collision or car accident case. One of the first things that we want to look at is how serious your injuries were. is it a situation where you have a minor injury like whiplash, or is it a more serious injury? Are you going to need surgery? Is it something where you had to take an ambulance from the scene of the wreck to the hospital? Do you have broken bones? Are you going to have to see a specialist to help correct some type of serious injury? Then we look at what type of medical treatment you might need in the future along with who is at fault for the wreck or incident. Are there multiple parties who are at fault?

In Florida, we have a comparative fault law, so the jury is actually asked in each case to assign a percentage of responsibility to each party who might be responsible. In some cases, that may be multiple parties. It could include someone who failed to maintain his or her vehicle or even another vehicle that cut them off in traffic. In any case we have to evaluate who is responsible and whether or not they have insurance or assets to pay the claim.

How can a Pensacola personal injury lawyer help?

If you have a serious personal injury case, you should always hire a lawyer as quickly as possible. First and foremost, you need to get medical attention, but then get a lawyer to represent you and your interests. From the moment that the crash occurs, if it’s a car accident or trucking accident case, the insurance company will begin their own investigation. They have their own experts and lawyers and will build their case to reduce the value of your claim. And because they’re working from the very beginning, you as the victim need to have your own team of lawyers and professionals working for you to build your case. You also need someone to preserve evidence from the scene of that wreck and you need somebody to be able to speak for you.

One of the things that insurance companies and big corporations typically want to do is get a recorded statement of everybody involved in the incident. We don’t want our clients to give a recorded statement because, once you are committed to a statement under oath, it can be used against you later on in litigation. Sometimes there are situations where we might allow a client to give a preset statement, but we would want to sit down with them and prepare them for it. We wouldn’t want them to have an adjustor or a lawyer call them blindly on the phone and ask them some questions that they aren’t prepared for. Basically, as a victim, you need to have an advocate building your case and fighting for you from the beginning just like the insurance company does.

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