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High School Athlete Head Injury Cases – What You Should Know

High school athlete injuries can often place young plaintiffs in a difficult situation. If you are contemplating a lawsuit involving personal injury to a high school athlete, you should look into high school athlete head injury cases.

Athlete Personal Injury Cases

Typically, a school’s staff enjoys a certain legal immunity in cases of high school athlete injuries, and this may be compounded by the fact that an athlete and his or her parents often have already signed a personal injury waiver that may free the school or any coaching personnel from liability in the case of injury.

Participating in a sporting event at any level always involves its share of risks, and this is generally understood when a student decides to join a school athletic organization or team. However, the Concussion Management and Awareness Act does enforce some standards on school coaching staffs in terms of how they handle athlete injuries.

Athlete Concussions and Head Injuries

At the end of 2012, the Concussion Management and Awareness Act was passed. This new legislation attempts to lower the occurrence of high school athletes suffering severe personal injury due to head injuries. The Act requires that high school coaching staffs must go through some training regarding what to do in the case of head injury to one of the athletes. Coaches violating this act may be subjected to increased scrutiny in the case of a head injury to a student athlete.

In cases of obvious negligence or mismanagement on the part of school staff, a plaintiff involved in a high school athlete head injury case may be able to present a convincing argument that could win a personal injury lawsuit. Brain injuries that result from high school athletic events could drastically decrease a student’s quality of life both during his or her years at school and into the future. If you are wondering about the technicalities behind high school athlete head injury cases ­what you should know, you should consider the exact scenario that brought about the injury. Was their gross negligence involved on the part of the school staff? What are the extent of the injuries incurred? One important thing to remember in all personal injury cases is to keep careful medical records involved in the treatment of the condition and to quickly and thoroughly seek out treatment for the injury as soon as possible.

Another thing those interested in high school athlete head injury cases – what you should know should be aware of is the statute of limitations on personal injury cases in Florida. In the state of Florida, a formal notice of claim must be filed in litigation against a governmental entity within 3 years, and  personal injury lawsuits must be filed within four years of the injury. It is likely to be within your best interests to act quickly following any injury if you feel that there is cause for a lawsuit.

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